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Helensville Photo Club


Helensville Photo Club is a friendly, relaxed group of locals interested in sharing their photography and learning more about this interesting hobby. It caters for all age groups and photographic abilities. The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month during the summer months (October to May) at 7pm in the Senior Citizens Rooms at 1 Rata Street, Helensville. Meetings usually last around two hours. Membership costs $25 per year.

Meetings sometimes cover technical matters, with members discussing methods of taking photos and covering specific areas such as lighting, macro photography, depth of field etc. Weather and daylight permitting, members may go for a wander and do some practical photography.

At other meetings members hold general discussions on any photographic subject that interests them, camera techniques are covered, and less-experienced members are offered advice on the use of their cameras.

The main reason for club night, however, if for members to show off their photos! Each month there are three subjects, often related, and members bring 10-15 photos (in total) covering those topics on a USB memory stick. They are then shown on a large screen using a projector, and members are free to give or ask for constructive criticism of their images. And while there are specific topics, they are entirely open to the member's own interpretation - for instance, a photo of a sleeping cat can just as easily be classified as 'Still Life' as an artfully arranged bowl of fruit!

Subjects for each month are given out at the start of the year, so there is no onus on members to have to rush out and specifically take subject photos in any given month. The only thing we ask is that photos already shown at previoius club nights aren't repeated.

Members are encouraged to bring their camera equipment to meetings so that settings and controls can be discussed if needed, beginners can be helped learn their cameras, and so they can take photos if a practical photography session is planned (or unplanned as sometimes happens!)

One of the strengths of Helensville Photo Club is the wide range of photographers who are members. Some have been taking photographs for decades; others have just got their first camera. We're a very friendly, informal bunch, and only too happy to help out with advice and suggestions if someone isn't sure how to do something. We try not to get too technical, although by its nature aspects of photography are technical - in those cases, we try to make things as simple as possible so everyone understands what we are getting at.

Photography is fun, and we aim to keep it that way!

Club meetings sometimes feature visits from professionals, and club members make occasional photographic trips around the district.

Some come along to a meeting and say "hi" - we'd love to see you!

Helensville Photography Club
Clubrooms Phone: 09 420 8440

Roy Brooks, Ph: 09 420 8624. Email: royal.brooks@xtra.co.nz
Jennie Williams, Ph: 09 420 7392. Email: drnjr@xtra.co.nz


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