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May 27th, 2024

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Dial 111 for police, fire or ambulance in an emergency.

Dial 111 (emergency) or Ph 09 525 0500

Civil Defence
Ph 09 420 8565

Coast Guard Kaipara
Involved in search and rescue on and around the Kaipara Harbour, crew training, and liason with police and local authorities in the event of an emergency. Contact Iain Gulliford, 09 420 6507 or 021 126 9736.
Coastguard Kaipara has a youth programme called Junior Coastguard for children from the age of 8 up. For the younger members the emphasis is on teaching boat and water safety, while the 15 year olds and up go through the same training process as the regular Search and Rescue crew. For more information and to register contact Adam Butler Email: adam@coastguardkaipara.co.nz

Kaipara Medical Centre, 51 Commercial Rd, Helensville. Ph 09 420 8400
Fax 09 420 7523. Full Listing.

Emergency Care Group
Ph 09 411 8346

Fire Station
Dial 111 (emergency). Rata St, Helensville. Chief Officer Ian Osborne. Ph 09 420 8099

Shelly Beach Volunteer Rural Fire Force
Dial 111 (emergency). James McLeod Road, Shelly Beach. Chief Fire Officer Adam Knezovic. Phone 09 420 2503

Plunket Nurse
Ph 09 420 7348

Dial 111 (emergency). 8 Rimu St, Helensville. Ph 09 420 8967

South Kaipara Community Patrol 
For more information on the patrol please visit our website or contact us at: Website: www.facebook.com/SKCPT