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Helensville, New Zealand, is administered by the Auckland Council as part of the Rodney Ward of Auckland City. Rodney Ward stretches from just beyond Wellsford in the north to within 20 minutes of downtown Auckland in the south. The Auckland Council came into being on November 1st, 2010 with the amalgamation of Rodney District with Auckland City, North Shore City, Waitakere City, Franklin District, Manukau City, Papakura District and the Auckland Regional Council.

Greg Sayers was elected councillor for Rodney Ward of the Auckland Council in October 2016. He can be contacted at:

Greg Sayers
Ph: 021 285 9900

Click here for a message from Councillor Greg Sayers

For day-to-day representation, Rodney Ward has a Local Board consisting of nine elected members:

Brent Bailey
Tessa Berger
Cameron Brewer
Beth Houlbrooke
Louise Johnston
Phelan Pirrie
Alison Roe
Colin Smith
Brenda Steele (Helensville, Ph 09 420 8191)

Visit this page for full Auckland Council information on Rodney Ward, a map of the ward and meeting dates

National Representation
On the national level Helensville is part of the Helensville electorate, represented in parliament by National MP Chris Penk

He can be contacted at email:
His electorate office at 365 State Highway 16, Kumeu, postal P.O. Box 258, Kumeu. The phone number is 09 412 2496.

Click here for an electoral profile on the Helensville Electorate

Click here for an electorate map