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May 27th, 2024

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Helensville and its surrounds, as with all of Rodney District (see 'Administration'), is currently under immense pressure from development.

Helensville had a population of 2643 at the latest census (2013), although the town draws from around 9000 people in the Helensville, Parakai, Reweti, Woodhill and South Head areas. Parakai has 1371, South Head 1332, Woodhill 1646 and Reweti 1842

Because it is within easy commuting distance of Auckland City, Auckland's North Shore, West Auckland and the new Albany development, and because of comparatively low property prices, Helensville has become an attractive place for residents wanting to get away from city living. People view it as having the best of both worlds - a quieter, small town pace of life in a rural atmosphere, but combined with close proximity to all the facilities offered by the country's largest city.

Urban development around Helensville is being assisted by zoning changes, including provision for new 'Countryside Living (Town)' zoning - providing 1 to 1.5ha sites, giving a rural amenity within an urban precinct.

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